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  • 1 n=1 Personalization

    We’ve built one of the most advanced personalization engines in the world, capable of buliding a unique UX for each and everyone of your users. We’re basically helping product teams everyday slingshot to what Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Spotify take for granted everday.

  • 3 Load, Train and Build In Minutes

    No one building a growth product has months to waste on machine learning experiments. As soon as you’ve plugged in your data, Miso can learn and build personalization engines for millions of your users in minutes, with powerful APIs for you to use right away.

  • 2 Built for Small Not Big Data

    It’s easy to do personalization if you’re Google or Amazon. Of course it is, you have all the search and engagement data you need to learn from. Miso is built from a small data point of view from the start, so that it delivers scarily good personalization conversion gains, even if you don’t have petabytes of log data to learn from.

  • 4 Conversion Lift Overnight

    Most platforms out there sell themselves as “easy, fast, and affordable.” None will really say how much they lift conversions, because they often don’t. They’re just saving you time. Miso is built for product teams who value conversions, and want to see gains happen quickly, easily and at a solid cost.